At Heartland Ambulance, you will find that every day is a new opportunity to make a difference.


Our field staff is empowered with the responsibility to insure patient safety and satisfaction. Our communication center employees are tasked with managing our staffing plan and insuring continued commitment to delivering on-time service. Our administrative team drives greater organizational support and efficiency. No matter where you best fit…this is your opportunity to contribute to essential community care through Heartland Ambulance.

Heartland offers a competitive salary and benefits package that reflects the high value we place on our employees. Our commitment to ongoing training provides each employee the opportunity for professional development while keeping pace with today’s technological advancements.

Everyone at Heartland Ambulance is committed to treating our patients as customers. Our entire team is empowered to solve problems for our patients and other clients such as hospitals, nursing homes, communities and public service agencies. Everyone on our team is focused on solving problems during times of need, resolve service concerns and improving customer satisfaction.

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  • Heartland Ambulance 6th December 2014 17:17
    What a good looking crew! Call us today to have the finest men and women in the business come to your facility!!

  • Heartland Ambulance 27th November 2014 17:17
    Happy thanksgiving to all! We have so much to be thankful for! Wishing everyone a safe and happy day.