Discover the many services Heartland Ambulance offers it’s clients and patients.

911 Services

We feel the best way to provide 911 services is by supplementing the local EMS coverage with mutual aid agreements. Heartland Ambulance Service’s goal is to work jointly with local EMS organizations to help provide these vital services to citizens relying on 911, while allowing them to maintain their autonomy. If there’s a medical emergency, always call 911. Heartland Ambulance Service will provide back-up coverage when requested by your local 911 dispatcher.
Our Advanced Life Support Units (ALS) are each staffed by a Indiana-certified paramedic and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), to provide the highest level of service. Crews are trained in advanced airway management, medication administration and monitoring, I.V. therapy, EKG and 12 lead monitoring, and cardiac support including defibrillation and pacing. They’re skilled at dealing with all medical emergencies, and their goal is to stabilize patients prior to handing them off to hospital personnel.

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