Discover the many services Heartland Ambulance offers it’s clients and patients.

Our Approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care. We recognize that each patient has individual needs, which comprise the total person, and we have the responsibility to assist patients with their healthcare needs, while creating a positive work environment for our team members.

Our Vision

To be the premier private ambulance provider in Indiana, setting the standard for our practice.

Our Values

Preparedness – Proficiency – Pride – Compassion

  • We recognize the value and the gift of human life and pledge to treat every individual in the most caring and respectful manner possible.
  • We recognize that each employee has intrinsic value, as well as unique talents and goals, which we will respect. We will help them realize their goals and ambitions to the extent of our ability.
  • We recognize the importance of maintaining the highest standard of integrity in dealing with patients, customers, and peers. We will respect the privacy of others and maintain confidentiality; the information entrusted to us. We will speak respectfully to others at all times.
  • We recognize that it is our duty to protect patient’s individual rights and best interest; as well as serving as patient advocates.
  • We recognize that we must maintain the highest state of organizational and individual readiness, and value the physical and emotional well being of our personnel. We acknowledge the importance of training and education as a continual process.

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