It’s true that Heartland Ambulance Service has an impact on the lives of those we serve. Read on for true stories from our clients, partners, and patients.

The guys did a wonderful job with Mom. They were very attentive and took great care of her. She said that she could not have chosen a better service. The techs were Lamb and Knuckles. Her kidneys are starting to function again and hopefully on the road to recovery. Thank you for everything that you were able to do for us. Once again, thank you and Bob Lamb was wonderful.


I come home in your ambulance, your people were very nice and very pleasant and they made the trip very pleasant and for that I thank you!


Dear Ken - Thanks a million for the FANTASTIC SERVICE, HELP, & CARE. Be good to Brad & Alex, they are great! We need more of your kind of service around these days.

Kathy Hanson

We use Heartland Ambulance because they are dependable and they offer wheelchair vans to our residents.

I was not sure how we were going to pay the ambulance bill, but Ken Jackson worked with us to establish a plan that my family could afford…Thank you!

Heartland Ambulance Service offers a “Cadillac” Service. They had just the right equipment to move my wife in her frail state.

I was so scared in the back of the Ambulance. I had no idea what was going on with me, but the EMT held my hand all the way to the hospital.

Heartland is the only service that shows up in 15 minutes or less.