911 Emergency Services

Want to Supplement Your Local EMS Organization with 911 Medical Emergency Transportation Support Near Muncie, IN?

With locations in Muncie and Kokomo, IN, Heartland Ambulance Service supports local EMS organizations throughout the greater Indianapolis region by supplementing their staff via mutual aid agreements. Working jointly with our local EMS partners, we can respond to residents making 911 calls or those requiring emergency transportation to nearby hospitals, emergency rooms, and other medical care facilities. By offering these supplementary services at an affordable rate, Heartland can provide essential backup coverage when your emergency teams are currently engaged or unavailable.

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Emergency Field Teams

The overall goal of our highly trained field experts is the stabilization of patients before they arrive at the appropriate hospital or emergency room.

Our 911 emergency field teams are typically comprised of Indiana-certified paramedics and emergency medical technicians to provide advanced medical care that covers a wide range of medical complications including airway management, medication administration, cardiac monitoring and support, defibrillation and pacing, and much more.

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If you have any questions regarding our 911 emergency services or our non-emergent transportation capability, please contact us today!