Fixed-Wing Air Ambulance

Sometimes complex medical emergencies call for dynamic solutions. In these instances, Heartland Ambulance Service, LLC utilizes fixed wing aircraft transportation to rapidly relocate patients to regional medical centers or specialty hospitals in major cities across the country. The advanced IFR aircraft at Heartland Ambulance Service are built for reliability and dependability, regardless of weather and other adverse flying conditions.

Our aerial ambulance transportation services feature pressurized cabins in either a Lear Jet or twin-engine turboprop, each equipped with state of the art, FAA-Certified medical interiors that are fully stocked to handle a wide range of emergency medical complications. Fully staffed with a reliable and highly trained crew of EMTs and paramedics with ALS expertise, our fixed wing-air ambulances make an excellent and affordable option for patients and EMS organizations looking to relocate patients over great distances in a very short amount of time.

Have Questions?

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