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Executive Summary

As one of the leading medical transportation suppliers in the state of Indiana, Heartland Ambulance Service provides; professional, quality, emergent, non-emergent and specialty care services throughout our service areas in Indiana. For our customers, the service we provide has always been reliable, timely and affordable. We provide the highest possible level of clinician services in today’s ever evolving health care landscape. We understand the importance of continuity of care and we strive to operate as an extension of your facilities.

Our business model allows us to steer clear of today’s financial challenges many Indiana ambulance providers face. By doing so, we are able to maintain our “state of the art” fleet and specialized service programs.

Our Company

Heartland Ambulance has challenged and changed the expectations in our state. Our leadership team offers over 60 years worth of knowledge and experience in; 911, routine medical transportation, critical care and related service areas. Through our affiliation with our sister companies, we are able to offer a network of EMS providers across three states. We can deploy a large variety of resources in the event of natural disaster or some other unforeseen event, with little or no notice. As industry leaders in providing specialized transportation, we take pride in our ability to provide these services, while other organizations shy away because they are viewed as unprofitable. Our commitment to providing these services, makes us the states premier medical transportation provider.

We take great pride in the relationships we have established in the state of Indiana and our commitment in continuing to distinguish ourselves as industry leaders. We have created great customer loyalty which has allowed us to maintain long-term relationships with many healthcare facilities, managed care organizations, and patients.

Kenneth W. Jackson


Kenneth Jackson has been actively involved in the Emergency Medical Service Industry since 2003. He started his first ambulance service with one truck and grew it to over 40 ambulances and over 100 employees. Seven years later he sold his shares in that company and in October of 2010 he started Heartland Ambulance Service. His vision is to offer the best service and quality care for individuals in need. Kenneth serves on the D.A.R.E Indiana Board of Directors,the Indiana Emergency Medical Services Association, and the Indiana Emergency Medical Task Force.

Our Mission

Provide the highest quality of care. We recognize that each patient has individual needs, which comprise the total person, and we have the responsibility to assist patients with their healthcare needs, while creating a positive work environment for our team members.

Our Vision

To be the premier private ambulance provider in Indiana, setting the standard for our practice.

Our Values

Preparedness – Proficiency – Pride – Compassion

We recognize the value and the gift of human life and pledge to treat every individual in the most caring and respectful manner possible.

We recognize that each employee has intrinsic value, as well as unique talents and goals, which we will respect. We will help them realize their goals and ambitions to the extent of our ability.

We recognize the importance of maintaining the highest standard of integrity in dealing with patients, customers, and peers. We will respect the privacy of others and maintain confidentiality; the information entrusted to us. We will speak respectfully to others at all times.

We recognize that it is our duty to protect patient’s individual rights and best interest; as well as serving as patient advocates.

We recognize that we must maintain the highest state of organizational and individual readiness, and value the physical and emotional well being of our personnel. We acknowledge the importance of training and education as a continual process.

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We’re actively involved in local, state, and national EMS associations including the American Ambulance Association (AAA), the Indiana Emergency Medical Services Association (IEMSA), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the Department of Homeland Security, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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