Non-Emergency Transportation & Basic Life Support

One of our most popular services here at Heartland Ambulance Service is non-emergency transportation with basic life support (BLS) capability. These transportation services carefully and safely relocate patients to hospitals, medical offices, dialysis and radiation centers, retirement communities, nursing care facilities, and more. While non-emergent situations aren’t life or death scenarios, these services still require a very high degree of patient care, professionalism, and transit efficiency. Every dispatcher, EMT, paramedic, and support staff at Heartland Ambulance Service is committed to the medical care and comfort of our patients.

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Our Advanced Services

Our Critical Care and Specialty Care Services include providing inter-facility transfers of critical patients needing medically necessary specialized interventions that are beyond the general scope and practice of the paramedic, as defined in the National EMS Education and Practice Blueprint.

In addition, our specialty care units are capable of providing mechanical ventilation; 12 lead EKG monitors, cardiac balloon pump monitoring, cardiac pacing and other specialized devices or procedures unique to the patient’s health care needs. Service

Cardiac/Respiratory Transports

Staff members are kept up to date with the current standards of the American Heart Association for both Adult and Pediatric patients. We utilize the Zoll Medical Bi-phasic Monitors with 12 lead, O2 Sat, External Defibrillation, Pacing, and ETCO2. We have additional training in Cardiac Cath Lab transports including balloon pumps. We will work with your Cardiac Sciences Program in the local hospital to develop a program to meet your needs.

Ventilator Transports

Heartland offers specialized transport of patients requiring ventilation. Our services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Once you notify our call-taker/dispatch team of your specialty transport need, our team of specialty trained crew members will be alerted and dispatched as soon as possible. Our transport crew will be equipped with ventilators capable of the following:

Control – with/without PEEP and Sigh

Assist Control – with/without PEEP and Sigh

SIMV – with/without PEEP and Sigh

CMV – for Apnea backup of Assist Control with SIMV

Adult and Pediatric Settings

Bariatric Transports

Heartland offers bariatric transports for those patients weighing up to 1600lbs. Our bariatric services are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. These ambulances are specialized units that are specifically designed to handle extreme weight safely for both the patient and the professional.

Wheel Chair Transports

Heartland Ambulance offers fully equipped wheelchair vans for the transport of patients who do not qualify or need an ambulance for transportation but do need assistance in getting to and from a Healthcare facility. Heartland is fully prepared to meet anyone’s special or disability needs. We offer safe and convenient transportation and courteous service for any residents or patients of Jasper County, Nursing Facility, or Hospital. Wheelchair service is available for any of, but not limited to, the following:

Doctor or Clinic appointments

Facility to home

Facility to/from Dialysis, Cancer or Wound Care Treatments

Disaster Response

Heartland Ambulance has its own fully operational disaster response team that is ready to respond immediately with no notice. Additional support from Indiana locations can be on site within 2 hrs, and our Sister companies can have additional fully staffed ambulances and wheelchair vans available within 24 hrs of the event. These units will be prepared to stay on site for as long as needed, and employees will be self-sufficient for up to 72 hrs. without additional resources. Recently Heartland Ambulance Service spent 2 weeks at Hurricane Isaac, and 4 weeks at Super Storm Sandy. We are a National Recognized Disaster Response Team, who will offer your facilities coverage as needed.

Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding our non-emergent transportation services or our basic life support capabilities, please contact us today!